Wild Field (original art)

Wild Field (original art)


(LP-012) Artist: Linda Peduzzi, Connecticut. Oil on 18" x 24" canvas, mixed media. Gold leafed frame, 21" x 26.5" (frame size). Shipping is not included. We recommend packing/shipping via UPS. Call us at (603) 662-2074 for estimate.

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About the Artist: Eastern Connecticut artist Linda Peduzzi works primarily in oil with mixed media on canvas or panel. She exhibits primarily in Rhode Island and Connecticut. "Curiosity motivates me to explore techniques, color and materials in my artwork. While I have enjoyed painting and drawing in a traditional, realistic fashion, I feel that my mixed media and abstracts take my art to a different level of insight. Expressing myself intuitively, each piece leads to an exploration of dreams, desire and imagination, through creating eye-catching color combinations and textured surfaces. Most of my work is inspired by both the intensity and quiet beauty of nature."

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