September 20, 2018 (Original artwork)

September 20, 2018 (Original artwork)


(DG18-23) Artist: Don Gemmecke, New Hampshire. Reminiscent of a stream deep in the White Mountains is this original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, in a handmade matte-black floater frame. Black dust cover on back with artist's signature & title in silver ink. Price includes shipping/handling within the continental USA.

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About the Artist: Mount Washington Valley, NH artist Don Gemmecke is known for his elegant black and white landscape photography, and has recently moved into translating his talent into small abtracted landscapes. "Though the colors of all of the seasons are so much more vivid here in the mountains, my love for and use of those bright colors in my photographs was limited to what is conventionally seen as “real”.

"While I continue to pursue the perfect photograph and exhibit my framed images in several galleries throughout New Hampshire, I have fallen in love with the artistic freedom and expanded range of colors I can use in landscape paintings."

Many artists struggle with the titles of their works, not wishing to impose a pre-conceived notion upon the viewer of what a piece may represent. Don has solved that problem: all of his works are titled with the date of completion.

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