Church Nail & Turquoise Pendant

Church Nail & Turquoise Pendant


(CB-151) Pendant features recycled sterling & fine silver (.999) fused together & riveted onto brass.  Prong-set recycled cut nail from 150-year-old church (Smithfield Presbyterian, Amenia, NY) and round-cut turquoise. 24" sterling silver rolo chain, hook clasp. Price includes shipping/handling.

About the Artist: Connecticut jewelry artist Cynthia Battista began her professional career as a surveyor in New England, "where mapping and measuring the land means spending a great deal of time in the woods. Whatever led me there compels me still, as the same themes—from geometric shapes and mathematical precision to the patterns, colors and textures of nature—can be found in my jewelry.... I want to make jewelry that looks as if an archeologist had just dug it up. I want to make, not just art, but artifacts. 

"Having been a basket maker and a sculptor, I started stringing beads the way someone else might work a crossword puzzle, as a comfort and a distraction....But as my interest in making jewelry grew, I began to incorporate recycled materials, and then to shape more and more of the components by my own hand.

"Now, the designs all originate in my head. They grow into obsessions, threatening to take me over unless I solve the problem of how to create them. That combination of vision, focus, tension and release is the root of my addiction to making jewelry."

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