Handmade Birch-Themed Mugs

Handmade Birch-Themed Mugs

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(MGS_BIRCHMUGS) Artist: Muddy Girls Studio, Massachusetts. Share a steaming cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the whimsical birch-themed mugs by a two-woman team of ceramics artists. Lead-free clay and glazes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. These are hand-thrown and glazed, so the birch tree designs will vary. Style selection is thumb rest handle or regular handle. To combine styles, please contact us directly before placing order- 603-662-2074.  Price includes shipping/handling for 1 to 4 mugs within the continental USA.

More work by this artist: #MuddyGirls

About the Artists: Muddy Girls Studio was formed by long time friends, Barbara Guilmet and Samantha Tucker in 2009, in a shared studio at Western Avenue Studios, Lowell, MA. Together they create functional pieces.

They've attended numerous classes and workshops, from large scale sculpture to glaze chemistry. They enjoy the process and the uncertainty of working in clay. The process is time consuming and labor intensive, involving many steps along the way.

Barbara and Samantha believe everyone is born with creativity and has the ability and capacity to create art. They also believe creative activity is part of human nature and nurtures the soul. They hope when you're using their pottery, your soul will be nurtured.

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