Acid-Burned Silk & Velvet Scarves

Acid-Burned Silk & Velvet Scarves


(LS-SCARVES) Artist: Linda Spear, New Hampshire. Enjoy luscious colors and fabrics in these acid-burned scarves by New Hampshire artist Linda Spear.  Available in a wide range of colors & patterns in both acid-burned velvet and acid-burned silk.  Prices range from $55 to $70 per scarf. Currently available by phone order or in-gallery only, so please call and inquire as to what we have in stock! (603) 662-2074.

About the Artist: Fiber artist Linda Spear states: "I am a self-taught fiber artist using fabric as the artistic outlet for my energies and imagination. I express myself using color in my work. Although I started as a traditional rug hooker and continue to develop along this path, I am exploring the use of other fibers and non-traditional techniques."

An expert rug hooker, Linda believes that the possibilities are endless when 'painting with wool'. She says, "I can indulge in color, pattern and all the encompassing aspects of making a rug: conceiving and designing, dyeing the fibers to appropriately convey my intentions, and the ongoing dynamic of matching color, texture and form to the integrity of the piece."

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