Pansy Faces Silk Scarf

Pansy Faces Silk Scarf


(CXB-080) Artist: Celeste Bellemare, Connecticut.  Playful pansy and flowers with golden accents.  Hand-dyed and painted silk scarf. Wash in cold water. Price includes shipping/handling within the continental USA.

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About the Artist: Connecticut fiber artist Celeste Bellemare learned to weave while working with a tour company in Ireland, and her woven items reflect the colors and texture of the Irish countryside. Her silk painted scarves mimic the shapes and colors found in nature. She uses flora and fauna as her inspiration. Occasionally, one of her cats insists on posing for a scarf creation.

About painting on silk, Celeste gives us this information: "Each scarf begins as a white blank. French fiber reactive dyes are used to produce the vivid colors.

"Designs are created from a combination of craft salt, alcohol, sugar and shapes from nature. After painting, each scarf must dry for at least 24 hours. It is then steamed to set the dye for 2 hours. Again, the scarf must dry for another 24 hours before a wash in cold water, flowed by a wash in warm to hot water. After washing, a special fabric softener, designed specifically for silk, is used to soften the fabric."

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