Saggar-Fired Vase

Saggar-Fired Vase


(CC-062-SAGGAR) Artist: Cathie Cantara, Maine. Tall (10'") vase, thrown, bisqued and fired in a saggar kiln. No two pieces are ever alike. Water-tight and is a functional vase. Price includes shipping/handling.

About the Artist: Maine coastal artist, Cathie Cantara, is a full time studio potter, specializing in high-fired functional stoneware, as well as raku and smoke-fired art pottery.

Cathie states: "I have a fundamental belief that the world around us is enhanced by instilling beauty into the functional objects that people use on a daily basis. My work is influenced by the beautiful landscape that surrounds my studio. The rugged seacoast, the woods behind my house, the sky & earth all play a part in the shapes and colors I use in my pieces."

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