Blue Floral Enamel Necklace

Blue Floral Enamel Necklace


(KH19-02) Artist: Kara Hickey, Massachusetts. Every flower-lover in New England knows the bluets: tiny, light blue flowers that grow in large patches near roadsides early in spring. The artist has created a wonderful homage to this delicate spring flower through the Cloisonné process. The chain is handmade and boasts blue onyx and labradorite stones. The artist uses a magnetic clasp (as opposed to those tedious lobster-claw clasps), strong and easy to use, even without assistance! Price includes shipping and handling within the USA. Please contact us for shipping outside the USA.

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ABOUT THIS ARTIST: Kara Hickey is the owner, designer, fabricator and enamelist at Lotus and Star and works in both Champlevé and Cloisonné enameling . She is a graduate of The New England School of Art and Design, class of 1991. She graduated with a diploma in Graphic design and illustration. After art school, and always having a love of jewelry, Kara decided to learn the fine craft of metalworking and design.

In 2012 Kara became an active member of the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society's Metalworkers Guild in Lexington, MA, where she was exposed to the fine art of silversmithing and jewelry making. She also, discovered the art of enameling. Through trial and error, and with some strong mentoring, Kara began to become proficient at enameling and cloisonné jewelry. She eventually took a master's class/workshop in 2015. It was after this wonderful experience, that Kara found her style and her true calling.

Presently Kara continues to be an active member of the Lexington Guild, and is now the Enamel Instructor at Lexington Arts and Crafts Society. She is also a tenant of the Western Ave. Studios in Lowell, MA.

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