Elephant Whistle-Pendant

Elephant Whistle-Pendant


(BB-056) Artist: Barbara Boxer, New Hampshire. Whimsical whistle-pendant handcrafted from stoneware, kiln fired and hand-painted. Hangs from an adjustable cord necklace with ceramic beads.  Signed by the artist. Price includes shipping & handling.

About the Artist: "From Aardvarks to Zebras" is how White Mountain, NH artist Barbara Boxer describes her line of handmade, creatively handpainted and signed clay whistles.

These one-of-a-kind creations are individually hand-sculpted from stoneware clay, kiln-fired and decorated with non-toxic acrylic paints. The designs used in painting are influenced by Tribal Art from around the world and from Nature.

Barbara's whistles are created in the forms of stylized animals, fantasy creatures, and tribal masks. The clay whistles are created with unique tonal qualities depending on shape & size (volume of the piece.) The number and placement of finger holes allows for variation in pitch and in some cases, changes in octaves. Whistles are available as sculptures or pendants.

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